jetKey Advantage

Jet Services’ exclusive jetKey Advantage Program allows you to partner with a management company who understands the demands of the aviation industry and is able to provide a turnkey aircraft ownership solution. Place your trust in our team with a combined aviation experience of over 100 years. Allowing JSI to service your aircraft management needs will ensure that you, as the owner, will enjoy a seamless and rewarding aircraft ownership experience.

The specific areas included in this program are:

Scheduling– This is the cornerstone of our jetKey Advantage Program. An owner’s scheduling experience begins by sending an email to Simply identify the locations, times, passengers, car transportation needs, hotels, catering, special request, etc. We will arrange all of these activities on your behalf using our robust Bart Scheduling software and send you an itinerary to confirm the details. It’s just that easy! Want to handle your arrangements by telephone? Call our offices 24/7 at 251-300-6600, option scheduling, and let us know how we can help.

Maintenance– JSI will coordinate — all maintenance activities and keep you informed on the maintenance status of your aircraft. From scheduled inspections to unscheduled maintenance, we will ensure your aircraft is airworthy and in compliance with the FAA. On your behalf, we will keep and maintain your aircraft maintenance records. Your aircraft value is directly tied to the accuracy of your aircraft records. Our Director of Maintenance, John Baumgarten, is known in the industry as being very meticulous and diligent regarding the maintenance of aviation records. Activities included are:

  • Manage and store aircraft records.
  • Maintain and coordinate with CAMP any changes and updates with your subscription.
  • Complete log book entries and ensure receipt of log entries performed by other service providers.
  • Coordinate scheduled inspections and unscheduled maintenance work scopes.
  • Track all life limited components, service bulletins and letters, airworthiness directives and other instructions for continued airworthiness.
  • Report hours for the airframe and engines monthly, if applicable.
  • Review any invoices as required.
  • Complete service and warranty claims.

Regulatory Compliance– FAA regulations can be complicated. It’s important to have a team of people who understand the rules and are able to apply the rules effectively. We keep a pulse on the industry through our memberships with NBAA, NATA, Wyvern and ARG/US. Additionally, we subscribe to major aviation publications and professional internet forums to stay informed about the latest industry changes. You can always count on JSI to be sure your aircraft is operated in compliance with all pertinent FAA rules and regulations.

Accounting– After the completion of each trip, our accounting team goes to work to assemble all expenses associated for each trip. Miscellaneous expenses not associated with a particular trip will also be tracked. At the end of each month, a statement will be prepared detailing all revenue (charter) and expenses for the month.

Fuel– JSI has partnered with contract fuel providers to provide us the best price possible at each FBO location. Our Bart scheduling software has the ability to integrate fuel prices at each airport and identify which FBO and contract fuel vender has the best price. The time and money saved by using this tool is tremendous and provides added value to our management program.

Manual Compliance– It is important to always have the latest manual information in your aircraft. From the Aircraft Flight Manual, Checklist(Digital/Paper), Letters of Authorization for RVSM and MEL, we know how to keep your manuals up to date.

Pilot Training– As a 135 charter operator, tracking our pilot training needs is a monthly occurrence. You can count on JSI to ensure your pilots are trained to the necessary standards for FAA compliance.

Our goal is to allow our owners to focus on those things that have made them successful. Our straight forward approach combined with our professional dedication should give you the peace of mind that Jet Services is a smart choice in taking care of your aviation needs.

For more information about the jetKey Advantage Program, please leave your information below and we will be in touch.