Citation XLS+ Joins Fleet

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Jet Services, Inc. is proud to present N646RH for immediate charter operations. This Citation XLS+ incorporates midsize aircraft comfort with superb short field capability. Combine those attributes with the efficiency and reliability of the Cessna Citation brand, and this is one package that’s hard to beat.  This is why the Citation CE-560XL line has been proven to be the most popular charter aircraft in the world.

Features include a luxurious midsize cabin that is nearly 6 feet tall, a large airstair door for easy transition in and out of the aircraft, spacious lavatory with hot and cold water sink, auxiliary power unit (APU) so the aircraft is powered up and climate controlled when you board, large refreshment center, state of the art Rockwell Collins avionics systems with XM satellite weather, and more.

Typical city pairs on the Citation XLS+ include:

  • Boise – Kansas City
  • San Francisco – Amarillo
  • New York – Oklahoma City
  • Chicago – Nassau, Bahamas
  • West Plam Beach – Boston
  • Houston – Acapulco, Mexico
  • Seattle – Winnipeg, Canada

When comparing aircraft of this size, flights into shorter landing strips are typically ruled out due to the limitations of the aircraft performance.  Other midsize aircraft simply can’t make it work.  But with the XLS+’s straight wing design and powerful Pratt & Whitney engines, the shorter runways remain attainable.  This aircraft provides our clients with more options when making their travel decisions.  It’s been said, and should be said again: You simply won’t find a better combination of short field capability paired the comfort of a midsize cabin.  This aircraft is available to our jetKey Membership and jetKey Charter customers alike.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 251-300-6600 or email to book this aircraft with Jet Services. You won’t be disappointed!