Need a round trip?

Local operators will have the best pricing!

It’s true!! Utilizing a local operator to service your round trip operations could save you thousands as compared to the pricing of the national operators/brokers. So what’s the catch?

The national operators have aircraft that literally crisscross the country servicing trips nationwide. And they do their best to utilize their aircraft in the most efficient manner possible. The problem lies in the fact that they must still deadhead their aircraft, with regularity, to get to the next trip on the schedule. Those deadhead legs, that are flying empty from point to point, have to be funded by someone—and that’s where the extra expense comes from! While the national operator’s programs and offerings are impressive, money can and will be saved by utilizing the local operator. We are already in place and ready to serve, without needing to fly an hour or so to get to you first.

Let’s check out a comparison of a round trip flight out of our home base in Mobile, AL. We have many business clients that conduct same day or two-three day trips that are round trip operations from the Mobile Regional Airport. One trip we often operate is a run to Philadelphia with a one night layover. For comparison, we are using the pricing for a 25 hour jet card program from a prominent national broker.


As you can see, the difference in one trip is drastic. When customers are interested in getting the best value, the choice is clear!! And for those that might think a national charter broker will provide better service… Think again!! If a trip to Philadelphia was requested out of Mobile, most of the national brokers would call us first to see if we can operate it for them. And we would be happy to service that request. But we would be happier to build that relationship with you as the customer directly. When you have your next round trip opportunity, be sure to contact us so we can show you the savings by operating with Jet Services, Inc. For more information on our exclusive jetKey programs, please contact Bobby Marks, VP of Marketing and Sales, at